Core courses 4th Semester

401 Game Theory SBC 3 1 112,5 4,5
402 Business Planning SC 3 2 137,5 5,5
403 Financial Management SBC 3   112,5 4,5
404 Managerial Economics GBC 3   112,5 4,5
405 Business Network Applications and Internet SC 3 2 137,5 5,5
406 Database Management Systems GBC 3 2 137,5 5,5
  TOTAL / WEEK   18 7 750,0 30,0


Game Theory

Data analysis using operational data, typical reactions models, automation modeling, evaluation and control models, documentation, models, business scenarios, and optimization objectives, control of competing reactions, method of Monte Carlo, the mechanisms of the simulation, the simulation as a tool for business planning.


Business Planning

Effective decision making and devices, managing diversity, promotion of innovation and creativity. Planning process, the nature of organizational goals, management objectives, control as a function of management, application control approaches. Using business plans, places - keys. Standard tables and charts, long term planning. Starting a new business, calculation of realistic cost levels, understanding risks, financing, licensing, legal entities, trade names, trademarks, etc.. Strategic thinking, basic numbers, team management. Analysis of competition and competitiveness, sources, suppliers and implementation. Technology and future products / services. Sales promotion. Analysis of industry / market. Identifying information, practical market research. Sales Forecasting, background information, market analysis. Correlation budget and milestones of the project. Business ratios. Implementation, milestones, summaries, long-term planning. Financing small business. Present project.


Financial Management

The financial operation and the environment, the time value of money, analysis of financial information, the effects of changing the level of prices, financial ratios and discriminant analysis, forecasting financial needs, financial planning and control, working capital policy, management and policy credits .


Managerial Economics

Decisions on optimization, risk management decisions, decisions on individual business operations, determinants of demand, efficient production, cost prediction, specific technical pricing, investment planning, decisions based on balance sheet analysis, decisions based on cost / benefit analysis, government and business, budget capital.


Business Network Applications and Internet

Types of networks in business, distributed business applications, basic concepts for distributed processing, standard protocols, the distributed control, the major issues of distributed systems. Applications of the Internet (Internet) in business, commerce, early electronic document exchange (EDI), the advertising business on the Internet, intranets. Familiarity with distributed systems, internet and integration with business applications (databases, spreadsheets). Familiarity with HTML and existing publishers. Implementation and publish web page.


Database Management Systems

Basic concepts, use of databases in business, types of databases. Foundations of Databases, relational algebra, functional dependencies. Relational Model of Databases, tables, keys, chart entities - relationships. Basic functions of database management systems, updating deleting, importing and optimization. Document management systems, indexing techniques, performance measurement, data models, their use in business. Object Databases, basic concepts, their use in business. Multivariate Data Bases, basic concepts, methods of implementation, their role in the analysis of business data. The Management Language Database SQL. Using trade management system, SQL language, familiarity with document management systems and multidimensional databases.

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